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How well do you know China? Test your knowledge with our wide range of quizzes. Our China quizzes are designed to test your knowledge of China and all things Chinese. We are adding new quizzes and improving existing ones, so send your comments and feedback for subjects you would like us to cover. All the questions have their answer somewhere on this web site. The order of questions and possible answers are different each time you take the test. Most people find these quizzes pretty tough so don't be discouraged. The picture quizzes ask you to identify well known landmarks in China.

April 2019: New questions about China have been added and re-graded for difficulty. Quizzes are now all 20 questions long. At the end we give you a summary of the results and an opportunity to share your triumph on Facebook. New quizzes on traditions and customs.

Shanxi, Sui dynasty, sculpture
An ancient mythological beast (pixiu) made of iron at Yuci Village, Shanxi

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