April Quiz

A monthly quiz of general history, traditions, geography questions for April
1. Which province is the coldest in winter?
winter sports, skier

2. Which Emperor commanded that the books should be burned?
Emperor Wudi
Emperor Qin Shihuangdi
Emperor Taizong
old book, calligraphy
A page from an old book.

3. Compared to English how many people speak Chinese as their first or second language?
Shenzhen, people, food
Shenzhen vegetable market, Guangdong Copyright © Dreamstime see image license

4. The Hui minority people belong chiefly to which religion?
Ningxia, desert
Sand sculptures in Desert Lake scenic spot near Zhongwei, Ningxia. August 2008.
Image by Fanghong available under a Creative Commons license

5. Where might you expect to see 'water sleeves' in China?
at the opera
at a resturant
on the beach
Nine Dragon Wall, dragon, Beijing
Nine Dragon Wall in the Forbidden City in Beijing. 2012. All made from ceramic glazed tiles. Photo by Seebeer , available under a Creative Commons license .

6. How long was the Communist's Long March through western China?
10,000 miles
9,000 miles
6,000 miles
Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Long March
Zhu De and CMC Chairman Mao Zedong (left) , accompanied by Brigadier Wang Zhen reviewed the troops,1931. Image available under a Creative Commons License

7. According to the yin-yang categories of food which of these foods are considered the 'yang' (hot)
Cuisine of China: Snake meat. Photo by Poco a poco available under a Creative Commons license .

8. The old Wade-Giles spelling of Guizhou is what?
Guizhou, Dragon boat festival, people
An orange themed boat taking part in a Dragon Boat festival event, Guizhou Copyright © Dreamstime see image license

9. The Gang of Four were put under arrest in 1976 under the orders of which Chinese leader
Hua Guofeng
Lin Biao
Deng Xiaoping
Jiang Qing, Mao Zedong
Jiang Qing and Mao Zedong. Source : Netor.com . Available under a Creative Commons license .

10. How many neighboring countries have a land border with China?
Jiangsu, Suzhou, garden, pavilion
October view of the Panmen Scenic Area in the south-west of the Suzhou, Jiangsu

11. The poet Su Shi is quoted as saying 'You can live without eating meat but you can not live without what'?
poet, su shu, su dongpo
This image was carried on the book which is called Wan Xiao Tang Hua Zhuan () which was published in 1743 () by Shangguan Zhou b. 1665. Available under a Creative Commons License

12. What is at the famous site of Leshan, Sichuan?
Classical gardens
Giant Buddha
Bamboo forest
wedding, marriage, dress
Traditional Chinese wedding dress with phoenix crown () headpiece, Qing Dynasty style. Still used in many parts of southeast Asia, including Taiwan. 26th December 2011. Image by Kelidimari available under a Creative Commons license .

13. Who of these is NOT a Tang dynasty poet?
Wang Wei
Su Shi (Su Dongpo)
Bai Juyi
calligraphy, Ouyang Xun,  1000 characters
One Thousand Character classic in Ouyang Xun calligraphy style. Image by available under a Creative Commons License

14. The mark of veneration was the traditional kowtow. How many times did you have to knock your head on the ground to the Emperor?
Kowtowing before the magistrate. Official session at a Chinese Yamen, Guangzhou, pre-1889. Image available under a Creative Commons license

15. Zhuangzi is an important person in what tradition?
Kung fu
Traditional medicine
daoism, temple, bronze, lion
Bronze temple door knobs
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