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Chinese Geography

Our province pages give details of the main cities; airport; universities and tourist sites in each province. Each province shows the current weather conditions together with a summary of the history of the province. There are also pages on the country of China as a whole, its neighbors as well as The Yangzi, Yellow River, the Grand Canal and the Silk Road.

ChinaOverview of the country of China
Chinese ProvincesA table of population; area; GDP; literacy for each province in China
AnhuiDetails of Anhui province, China
BeijingDetails of Beijing, capital city of China
ChongqingDetails of Chongqing, western large city
FujianDetails of Fujian province, China
GansuDetails of Gansu province, China
GuangdongDetails of Guangdong province, China
GuangxiDetails of Guangxi autonomous region, China
GuizhouDetails of Guizhou province, China
HainanDetails of Hainan province, China
HebeiDetails of Hebei province, China
HeilongjiangDetails of Heilongjiang province, China
HenanDetails of Henan province, China
Hong KongDetails of city of Hong Kong in far south
HubeiDetails of Hubei province, China
HunanDetails of Hunan province, China
JiangsuDetails of Jiangsu province, China
JiangxiDetails of Jiangxi province, China
JilinDetails of Jilin province, China
LiaoningDetails of Liaoning province, China
MacauDetails of city of Macau in far south
Inner MongoliaDetails of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, China
NingxiaDetails of Ningxia autonomous region, China
QinghaiDetails of Qinghai province, China
ShaanxiDetails of Shaanxi province, China
ShandongDetails of Shandong province, China
ShanghaiDetails of city of Shanghai, China
ShanxiDetails of Shanxi province, China
SichuanDetails of Sichuan province, China
TianjinDetails of Tianjin province, China
TibetDetails of Tibet autonomous region, China
XinjiangDetails of Xinjiang autonomous region, China
YunnanDetails of Yunnan province, China
ZhejiangDetails of Zhejiang province, China
Visitor attractionsSome of the many sights throughout China that deserve a visit; all places have a map and description.
AirportsA table of all the airports with information on code, location and distances
CitiesA table of all the cities with information on name, location, population and distances
UniversitiesThe top universities with information on history, student numbers and ranking
NeighborsThe countries around China's border
PopulationChina's burgeoning population and measures taken to limit it
PeoplesAll about the many ethnic minorities that make up the people of China
ClimateThe varied weather of China from Tropical to Arctic and Desert to Monsoon
GeographyA description of all the main geographical regions of China from jungles to deserts and mountains to swamps.
WildlifeChina's very varied and widespread wildlife
PandaAll about China's most famous animal the Giant Panda
BambooHow the humble bamboo plant is used in China
Yellow RiverThe historic wanderings of the Yellow river (Huang he)
Yangzi RiverThe long, twisting Yangzi (Yangtse) river
Great WallChina's most significant tourist attraction
Grand CanalHistory of this ancient, impressive travel artery, the longest in the world
Silk RoadAncient travel route into China
TaiwanChina's former province and island neighbor
JapanChina's important neighbor across the Yellow Sea
KoreaHistory of relations with Korea over the Yalu River
SingaporeFormer British colony with large Chinese community
PhilippinesImportant string of islands to the south-east
South China SeaChina's claims of sovereignty in the southern seas
Google mapZoom in on a province of China with a Google map

Culture and Traditions

Our cultural section covers all sorts of topics, anything that gives a flavor of China's distinctive traditions.

Culture IndexIntroducing the traditions, language and culture of China
FestivalsAll about the many festivals
Chinese New YearThe week long Spring Festival
Chinese CalendarThe traditional Chinese calendar that still sets the dates of festivals
CustomsThe customs and traditions of the Chinese people with explanations of 'face' and 'guanxi'
ReligionAll about the religions of China
Ancestor venerationReverence for ancestors in China
ConfuciusConfucius the great ancient sage of China
DaoismDaoism and the sage Laozi, and doing nothing!
Dao De JingTao Te Ching - the best known ancient classic of Daoism.
BuddhismBuddhism in China
ChristianityChristianity in China and the Jesuit mission
JudaismJudaism in China and the Kaifeng Jewish community
IslamIslam in China
Traditional gods and goddessesFolklore pantheon of deities and heroes
Legendary rulersFounding fathers of China
WomenHow attitudes to women have changed down the centuries
AstrologyA look at Chinese astrological years
Year of the TigerThe Chinese year of the tiger
StarsExploring Chinese astronomy
Feng ShuiIntroducing the ancient tradition of feng shui
Magic squaresAncient Chinese numerology
QiThe ancient idea of divine vitalizing essence
Yin-YangBest known ancient Chinese concept of balance between alternatives
Yi JingThe very ancient classic ‘Book of Changes’ or ‘I Ching’
Yi Jing methodsHow to consult the ‘Book of Changes’
I Ching consultationConsult the ‘Book of Changes’ or ‘I Ching’ using the yarrow stick method online.
HexagramsA page for each of the 64 ‘Book of Changes’ or ‘I Ching’ hexagrams (guas).
DragonsAll about dragons and other mythological creatures
SymbolismAn index of over 150 symbols and art motifs used in Chinese art divided into six sections.
ArchitectureAll about traditional Chinese house and town architecture as well as gardens
TaijiquanKeep fit and agile with Tai Chi
Name of ChinaWhy we call the country China
ChessThe Chinese take on the board game of chess
WeiqiThe original Chinese board game of strategy better known as ‘Go’
MahjongThe Chinese game of collecting sets of tiles - Mahjong
InventionsSome of the many important Chinese inventions
ExaminationsThe age old civil service examination system
Medicine (TCM)Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture
RiceAll about China's most significant food source
FoodThe Chinese attitude to food and the huge range of cuisines available
TeaThe growing and export of China's key export : tea
SilkA look at the history of China's silk industry
OperaTraditional Chinese Opera with video links to performances
PaintingTraditional Chinese Paintings: history, styles and principal artists
MusicTraditional musical instruments and music
Performing ArtsTheater, puppetry and dance
Paper-cutsThe simple but effective way of cutting paper to make art
Double happiness paper-cutMaking a double happiness paper-cut
Rooster paper-cutMaking a cockerel paper-cut
Spring sculpture paper-cutMaking 3-D Spring paper-cut
Five girls paper-cut"Making 5 linked girls paper-cut
Astrology paper-cutMaking Chinese astrological paper-cuts
JadeJade is the precious treasure of Chinese people
PorcelainHistory and manufacture of porcelain
KitesThe making and flying of kites in China
TortureSystem of Imperial punishment in China
Weights and MeasuresAll about the traditional system of weights and measures. Handy convertors to and from Chinese units to Imperial and Metric units
MoneyDevelopment of coins and paper money in China


A grasp of the language helps considerably with understanding China.

LanguageIntroducing the Chinese language
StrokesHow to write Chinese characters
CharactersThe characters of the Chinese language
Character radicalsAll the most widely used Chinese radicals used in characters
Character componentsAll the most widely used components used in characters
Common CharactersA detailed look at the most widely used Chinese characters
DictionaryOnline Chinese - English and English-Chinese dictionary
CalligraphyThe ancient art of writing in Chinese
Oracle BonesThe ancient Shang dynasty Bronze age script
StelesInscription on stone go back over 2,500 years in China
Traditional charactersThe recent simplification of Chinese characters
Input methodsHow Chinese characters are entered on keyboards and phones
Wade GilesThe Wade Giles system for writing Chinese
NumbersThe traditional way to write numbers in Chinese
Date and TimeTelling the time in China
Language GuideA first Chinese lesson Chinese
Basic language 2A second Chinese lesson Chinese
Basic language 3A third Chinese lesson
ProverbsHundreds of Chinese proverbs divided into 17 categories with 7 index pages
100 namesThe introductory classic that lists all the ancient Chinese family names
Three CharactersTraditional language primer for young children in China
1000 CharactersA language and calligraphy primer of 1,000 unique characters
LiteratureAn overview of the long history of books and some popular novels
PoetryA look at poets and poetry
Good FortuneWishing good luck in Chinese
CantoneseThe Cantonese spoken language
PidginChinese Pidgin English 1770-1880

Chinese dynastic history

We have pages covering 5,000 years of Chinese dynastic history from its very earliest beginnings up until the foundation of the Republic in 1912. Pages also list important events in each dynasty.

HistoryChart covering Chinese history from 3,000BCE to the present day
QingThe last dynasty under the Manchus
TaipingAll about the Taiping Rebellion
CooliesChinese slaves and laborers
RailwaysForeign built railways in China
Treaty PortsForeign control of Chinese cities 1840-1920
Opium WarsThe historically important wars with Britain and France
Lay-Osborn FlotillaThe unlikely story of a joint Anglo-Chinese navy 1862-63
MingResurgence of China under the Ming
Ming tombsThe elaborate and exquisite necropolis of the Ming Emperors
YuanChina under the rule of the Mongols
Mongol conquestHow the Mongols formed their vast empire
SongCultural highpoint under the Song dynasty
Five dynastiesAnother period of disunity
TangProsperity under the mighty Tang dynasty
Wu ZetianEmpress Wu Zetian - China's only ever female ruler
SuiReunification under the Sui dynasty
DisunityPeriod of break-up
HanInfluential Han dynasty
QinFounding Qin dynasty
Warring StatesSecond part of Eastern Zhou dynasty
Spring and AutumnFirst part of Eastern Zhou dynasty
Western ZhouWestern Zhou dynasty 1100-770BCE
Early historyThe early dynasties of China
EmperorAll about the institution of Emperor of China
EunuchsThe most powerful of Imperial servants: the court eunuch
Sacred WaysPaths to the tombs of eminent people
OfficialsThe Imperial Civil Service and army of government officials
Mandate of HeavenThe right to rule China
Ancient statesThe early states and kingdoms of China
Hanlin AcademyThe Top Imperial 'university' for 1200 years
Shen KuoThe Chinese Leonardo da Vinci
KowtowThe formal show of respect for ancestors and superiors
Bound FeetFor centuries half the women of China had their feet bound to make them much shorter in length.
Needham QuestionWhy China lagged behind the rest of world in science and technology 1800-2000
Early British ContactsContacts between Britain and China before 1700
18th century British ContactsContacts between Britain and China 1700-1800
Macartney embassyBritish embassy of Lord Macartney 1793/94
Chinese GordonGeneral Gordon's time on China during the Taiping Rebellion
ChinoiserieThe worldwide fad for everything Chinese 1700-1840

Modern History (P.R.C.)

These pages bring our coverage up to modern times from the foundation of the Republic in 1912.

Modern HistoryChinese history from 1912 to present day
Peoples RepublicThe last 65 years of the Peoples Republic of China
China's FutureSpeculation about how China will develop as a new world super-power
LeadersProfiles of Chinese leaders
GovernmentHow China is governed under the Chinese Communist Party
Space ExplorationAll about China's past and present missions into Space
EconomyIntroduction to the Chinese Economy
Long MarchDefining moment in Communist China's history
RepublicRepublic of China under Sun Yatsen and Chiang Kaishek
May 4th MovementTrigger point in the modernization of China after the Versailles Treaty
Opinion: One China PolicyDebate about the key Taiwan/PRC issue


Try out our quizzes to test your knowledge of all things Chinese.

Quiz listAll the quizzes that are available on the web site
General Quiz 1General knowledge quiz 1 about China (Easy)
General Quiz 2General knowledge quiz 2 about China (Novice)
General Quiz 3General knowledge quiz 3 about China (Medium)
General Quiz 4General knowledge quiz 4 about China (Medium)
General Quiz 5General knowledge quiz 5 about China (Hard)
General Quiz 6General knowledge quiz 6 about China (Fiendish)
Geography Quiz 1Quiz about Chinese Geography (Medium)
History Quiz 1Quiz about Chinese History 1 (Easy)
History Quiz 2Quiz about Chinese History 2 (Medium)
History Quiz 3Quiz about Chinese History 3 (Medium)
History Quiz 4Quiz about Chinese History 4 (Hard)
Language Quiz 1Language quiz about China (Novice)
Picture Quiz 1Quiz about famous Chinese landmarks 1
Picture Quiz 2Quiz about famous Chinese landmarks 2
Traditions Quiz 1Quiz about traditions and customs 1
Traditions Quiz 2Quiz about traditions and customs 2

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