Chinese Culture and Traditions

This section of our web site has pages covering the many Chinese customs and traditions.

The beliefs and mythology are a core part of Chinese culture so we introduce Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, Ancestor veneration. On the lighter side there are pages on all the many Traditional Festivals, Astrology, Dragons, Chinese New Year, Deities, Feng shui, Qi (or Chi), Traditional medicine, Yin - Yang and the Yi Jing.

The arts are also well represented: Various styles of Opera, Traditional Music, Symbolism in art, Paper-cuts, Shadow puppets; story-telling, Architecture, Jade and of course Porcelain.

We cover the many Chinese pastimes: Chinese chess (Xiang qi), Mahjong, Game of ‘Go’ (Weiqi), Kite flying and Tai Chi.

We also cover more general aspects of Chinese culture including: Chinese inventions, Examination system, Food in China (with separate sections on Rice and Tea), Chinese Silk, Ancient coins and Why we call China 'China'.

kite, dragon
A Chinese long dragon kite. Image by available under a Creative Commons license