September Quiz

A monthly quiz of general history, traditions, geography questions for September
1. The founder of the Han dynasty Liu Bei had his powerbase in which modern province?
Han dynasty, dance, dancer
China, rustic dancers, eastern han dynasty (25-220). Image by sailko available under a Creative Commons License

2. The 'Five Avenues' (Wudadao) is an area of colonial buildings in which city?
Tibet, lake, mountains
Manasarovar lake and Mount Namunani, Tibet

3. Kowloon town within the city of Hong Kong means what in English?
High pagoda
Nine dragons
Harbor view
Hong Kong, park, modern housing
A pavilion located at Nan Liang Garden in Hong Kong

4. What is the ideal depth of water for a paddy field?
6 inches
2 feet
1 foot
rice, paddy fields
Planting rice in paddy fields. Yangshuo, Guangxi, China Photo by Corto Maltese 1999 available under a Creative Commons license .

5. What are foxes associated with in China?
evil spirits

6. What does a carp symbolize a wish for in artwork?
long life
Good luck
fish, lotus

7. If a character in traditional Chinese opera wears black make-up what does it denote?
opera, Beijing opera, costume
China National Peking Opera Company performing the Red Haired Galloping Horse opera at Meilanfang theatre in Beijing, China Copyright © Dreamstime see image license

8. A Jewish community has lived for many centuries in which Chinese city?
Kaifeng, jews

9. Reginald Johnston was famous in China in what position?
Head of customs service
Governor of Hong Kong
Tutor to the last Emperor
opium war, sea battle, junk, boat, ship
The East India Company iron steam ship Nemesis, commanded by Lieutenant W. H. Hall, with boats from the Sulphur, Calliope, Larne and Starling, destroying the Chinese war junks in Anson's Bay, on 7 January 1841. Image by Edward Duncan available under a Creative Commons License

10. There is a festival on the ninth day of the ninth month (double ninth) which is also known by what name?
Zhong yang
Mid Autumn festival
Hungry Ghost festival
Shanghai, garden, pavilion, traditional architecture
Shanghai garden

11. Nu Mengjiang is associated with which event in Chinese history?
Han dynasty Empress
building the Great Wall
fall of the Tang dynasty
Gansu, mountains
Qilian mountains on the border of Gansu and Qinghai

12. Why is Ginseng mainly considered a potent medicine?
scent of leaves
grows in graveyards
root shape
Shandong, Taishan, mountains, moon gate
View of Mount Taishan, Shandong

13. Mukden is an old name for which Chinese city
machuria raliway, share certificate
Stock Certificate of South Manchuria Railway (1926-45) Image by South Manchuria Railway available under a Creative Commons License

14. Liu Jin in 1510CE accumulated four million pounds of gold in just four years. What was his profession?
Imperial eunuch
Silk merchant
Tax collector
palace, eunuch, Beijing
Entrance through the Gate of Peace at the Lama Temple Beijing (Yonghegong), or Palace of Peace and Harmony Lama Temple or Yonghegong Lamsery, a renowned lama temple of the Yellow Hat Sect of Lamaism. Building work on the YongHeGong Temple started in 1694 during the Qing Dynasty. It originally served as an official residence for court eunuchs. It was then converted into the court of Prince Yong Zheng (Yin Zhen), a son of emperor KangXi. After YongZheng's ascension to the throne in 1722, half of the building was converted into a lamasery, a monastery for monks of Tibetan Buddhism, while the other half remained an imperial palace. November 2006. Image by Dennis Jarvis from Halifax, Canada available under a Creative Commons license

15. The second Yi Jing hexagram is called what?
Qian - initiating
Li - brightness
Kun - earth
yi jing
Three gold coins used for Yi Jing fortune telling
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