chāo to exceed; to overtake; to surpass

Made up of [ zǒu walk radical 156, dāo knife (radical) radical 18, kǒu mouth radical 30]
Made with 10 strokes.

Related characters

Also uses zǒu component: gǎn (to overtake) (to rise) tàng (collective for trips)
Also uses dāo component: bié (to leave) (toilet) dào (arrive) gāng (hard) (drama) kān (to print) (sharp) (pear) qián (front) shī (lion) (conjunction used to express contrast with a previous sentence or clause)
Also uses kǒu component: (supposition or suggestion) chàng (to sing) chī (to eat) chuán (boat) fēi (coffee) (rich) (good fortune) gào (to tell) (each) gōng (palace) gǒu (dog) (ancient) hāi (sound of sighing) hào (name) (together) (to close) (drink) hēng (prosperous) hòu (behind) huí (to circle) huò (maybe) (lucky) jiào (called) jīng (capital) jiù (fault) (sentence) (office) jūn (monarch) (coffee) (can) lìng (other) (?) mìng (life) míng (name) míng (to call (birds)) ne (and you?) (hops) pǐn (article) (as) shàng (still) shì (matter) shǐ (history) suī (although) tái (typhoon) táng (Tang) tīng (to listen) tóng (same) wèn (ask) (to be fond of) xiōng (elder brother) yǎo (to bite) yòu (right) (language) yuán (person) yuē (to speak) zhān (to observe) zhī (one) zhī (to know) zhōu (circuit) (foot)

Different tone

chǎo (to sauté)

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