kān to print; to publish; publication

Made up of [ gàn do; shield; to concern radical 51, dāo knife (radical) radical 18]
Made with 5 strokes.
The knife radical gives idea of carving while 'gan' gives rough phonetic

Related characters

Also uses gàn component: àn (bank) gǎn (to overtake) gān (liver) gān (pole) hàn (perspiration) nián (year)
Also uses dāo component: bié (to leave) (toilet) chāo (to exceed) dào (arrive) gāng (hard) (drama) (sharp) (pear) qián (front) shī (lion) (conjunction used to express contrast with a previous sentence or clause)

Different tone

kǎn (open box) kǎn (Water) kǎn kàn (look)

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