shī lion

Made up of [ quǎn dog radical 94, dāo knife (radical) radical 18, jīn scarf; towel radical 50]
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 9 strokes.

Related characters

Also uses quǎn component: (alone) gǒu (dog) māo (cat) zhū (hog)
Also uses dāo component: bié (to leave) (toilet) chāo (to exceed) dào (arrive) gāng (hard) (drama) kān (to print) (sharp) (pear) qián (front) (conjunction used to express contrast with a previous sentence or clause)
Also uses jīn component: cháng (always) mào (hat) shì (market)

Sounds same

shī shī (to lose) shī (corpse) shī (poem) shī (to grant)

Different tone

shí (ten) shí (time) shí (rock) shí (real) shí (food) shí (eat) shǐ (history) shǐ (to begin) shǐ (arrow) shǐ (pig) shì (is) shì (matter) shì (market) shì (life) shì (spirit) shì (bachelor) shì (clan name) shì (to show) shì (room)

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河东狮吼 hé dōng shī hǒu A husband under the control of a domineering wife. The story is of Chen Zao of the Song dynasty who often had guests around in the evening. If his wife got to hear that there were other women with him she would knock on the wall and roar. A hen-pecked man.


shī lion