Made up of [ wood; wooden radical 75, dāo knife (radical) radical 18]
Made with 11 strokes.
The wood radical indicates tree and the upper part 'li' is the phonetic. Pears are an unlucky gift as 'li' also means separate/divorce

Related characters

Also uses component: bǎn (board) bēi (cup) běn (root) cài (vegetable) cǎi (color) chá (tea) chái (firewood) chuáng (bed) gān (pole) guǒ (fruit) (machine) jìn (to prohibit) jìn (to prohibit) (tangerine) (of plants) lái (arrive) (plum) lín (forest) lóu (multi-story building) (board game) qín (Qin) qīn (parent) róu (soft) shā (to kill) shù (tree) shù (method) song (Song) tiáo (strip) wèi (not yet) xián (to stay idle) xiāng (each other) xiào (school) (chair) zhí (to plant) zhī (branch) zhuō (table)
Also uses dāo component: bié (to leave) (toilet) chāo (to exceed) dào (arrive) gāng (hard) (drama) kān (to print) (sharp) qián (front) shī (lion) (conjunction used to express contrast with a previous sentence or clause)

Sounds same


Different tone

(inside) (ceremony) (texture) (plum) (strength) (stand) (sharp) (strict) (beautiful) (to experience)

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