Made up of [ shì spirit; altar radical 113, hidden; concealed; small radical 5]
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 5 strokes.
Suggests a 'kneeling person' at an 'altar' and hence the meaning 'ceremony'
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Related characters

Also uses shì component: (good fortune) shén (god) (grandfather)
Also uses component: chī (to eat) (why) jiǔ (nine) kǒng (great) lìng (to order) luàn (in confusion or disorder) mài (sell) mǎi (buy) (to practice) (also) 亿 (100,000,000) (skill) (to recollect) (to use)

Sounds same

(inside) (texture) (plum)

Different tone

(Fire) (pear) (strength) (stand) (sharp) (strict) (beautiful) (to experience)

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