Similar looking characters : dāo (knife)
Made with 2 strokes.
Picture of a muscled forearm or a plow
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Sounds same

(stand) (sharp) (strict) (beautiful) (to experience)

Different tone

(Fire) (pear) (inside) (ceremony) (texture) (plum)


Index 19 used in: biān (side) ; dòng (to use) ; gōng (accomplishment) ; (coffee) ; láo (to toil) ; (to experience) ; lìng (other) ; nán (male) ; qióng (exhausted) ; (revive) ; wèi (do) ; (affair)

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stroke order for 力
Stroke order for character 力, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


九牛二虎之力 jiǔ niú èr hǔ zhī lì Tremendously strong
力不从心 lì bù cóng xīn Lacking in motivation to achieve aims
身体力行 shēn tǐ lì xíng Following the advice given oneself
欺以其力 qī yǐ qí lì To skilfully deceive. Invent a lie that fools the audience. Playing a clever trick.
不自量力 bù zì liàng lì Overreaching yourself, not taking account of true capabilities. Exaggerate level of skill.