gōng accomplishment; achievement; result

Made up of [ strength radical 19, gōng work; skill radical 48]
Made with 5 strokes.
Strength and work give a clear meaning of achievement and merit

Related characters

Also uses component: biān (side) dòng (to use) (coffee) láo (to toil) (to experience) lìng (other) nán (male) qióng (exhausted) (revive) wèi (do) (affair)
Also uses gōng component: hóng (red) jiāng (river) jīng (Classic) kòng (to empty) zuǒ (left)

Sounds same

gōng (work) gōng (palace) gōng (public) gōng (bow) gōng (to provide)

Different tone

gǒng (two hands) gòng (common)

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干活不由东累死也无功 gàn huó bú yóu dōng lèi sǐ yě wú gōng Only work on what is needed to be done
功亏一篑 gōng kuī yī kuì See things through to the end
马到成功 mǎ daò chéng gōng Gain immediate victory
失败是成功之母 shī bài shì chéng gōng zhī mǔ Learning from mistakes
事倍功半 shì bèi gōng bàn Work with care rather than speed
贪天之功 tān tiān zhī gōng Cheating others of their just reward. The story is of an official who was swindled out of his just reward for good service. Eventually the ruler worked out what had happened and he was given an even greater reward.