gōng work; skill

Made with 3 strokes.
Represents a workman's square or carpenter's ruler
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Sounds same

gōng (palace) gōng (public) gōng (accomplishment) gōng (bow) gōng (to provide)

Different tone

gǒng (two hands) gòng (common)


Index 48 used in: gōng (accomplishment) ; hóng (red) ; jiāng (river) ; jīng (Classic) ; kòng (to empty) ; zuǒ (left)

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stroke order for 工
Stroke order for character 工, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


神工鬼斧 shén gōng guǐ fǔ So skilled that workmanship presumed to be the work of a god not a human. Fantastic, superb artistry.
异曲同工 yì qǔ tóng gōng Different methods giving the same result. Different but equally satisfactory.