nán male; man

Made up of [ tián field radical 102, strength radical 19]
Made with 7 strokes.
Combination of 'field' and 'strength' to signify a man's toil in the fields. Originally a combination of 'field' and 'plow'.
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Related characters

Also uses tián component: chù (livestock) dài (to respect) diàn (electric) (rich) (good fortune) huà (to draw) huáng (yellow) jiǎ (first in list) jiāng (border) lèi (tired) léi (thunder) (inside) māo (cat) (area) shēn (to extend) (to think) yóu (to follow)
Also uses component: biān (side) dòng (to use) gōng (accomplishment) (coffee) láo (to toil) (to experience) lìng (other) qióng (exhausted) (revive) wèi (do) (affair)

Sounds same

nán (south) nán (difficult)

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男女平等 nán nǔ píng děng Treating men and women the same