dài to respect; to bear; to support; to wear

Made up of [ tián field radical 102, eight; 8 radical 12, spear radical 62]
Made with 17 strokes.

Related characters

Also uses tián component: chù (livestock) diàn (electric) (rich) (good fortune) huà (to draw) huáng (yellow) jiǎ (first in list) jiāng (border) lèi (tired) léi (thunder) (inside) māo (cat) (area) nán (male) shēn (to extend) (to think) yóu (to follow)
Also uses component: fēn (divide) gòng (common) gōng (public) guān (shut) huáng (yellow) líng (mound) liù (six) (his) shāng (commerce) (four) xīng (prosper) xué (cave)
Also uses component: chéng (to succeed) huò (maybe) jiān (narrow) (I (me)) (fifth (ordinal)) (martial) zài (to carry) zàng (treasury) zhàn (to fight) zhǎo (to try to find)

Sounds same

dài (replace)

Different tone

dāi (bad)

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