zài to carry; to convey; to load

Made up of [ chē vehicle radical 159, shí ten; 10 radical 24, spear radical 62]
Made with 10 strokes.
The radical is for a 'vehicle' and phonetic 'zai' which is conveniently composed of 'ten' and 'people' so both combine to suggest carrying a heavy load

Related characters

Also uses chē component: jiào (comparatively) lián (to link) liàng (collective word for vehicles) ruǎn (soft)
Also uses shí component: bàn (half) (virtue) dùn (shield) (ancient) huá (splendid) mài (sell) nán (south) (hops) shén (what) (noon) zǎo (early) zhí (straight) zhī (to support)
Also uses component: chéng (to succeed) dài (to respect) huò (maybe) jiān (narrow) (I (me)) (fifth (ordinal)) (martial) zàng (treasury) zhàn (to fight) zhǎo (to try to find)

Sounds same

zài (again) zài (exist)

Different tone

zāi (disaster)

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水能载舟,亦能覆舟 shuǐ néng zài zhōu, yì néng fù zhōu Events and people can have both positive and negative influences
车载斗量 chē zài dǒu liáng Huge quantity. A very large number. Overabundant.