chē vehicle

A measure word to use for this noun: liàng
Similar looking characters : dōng (east)
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 4 strokes.
Originally a cross section of a cart seen from above with two wheels. This has been simplified to reduce strokes needed to write it.
Ancient small seal form Small seal


Index 159 used in: jiào (comparatively) ; lián (to link) ; liàng (collective word for vehicles) ; ruǎn (soft) ; zài (to carry)

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stroke order for 车
Stroke order for character 车, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


杯水车薪 bēi shuǐ chē xīn Not putting in enough effort to solve a problem
前车之鉴 qián chē zhī jiàn Take account of what has gone before
安步当车 ān bù dàng chē Turn down luxury and high office for a simpler life. The story is of a scholar from the Warring States period who was offered great wealth and his own carriage to serve the King of Qi.
车载斗量 chē zài dǒu liáng Huge quantity. A very large number. Overabundant.
螳臂当车 táng bì dāng chē Overrate abilities and attempt the impossible. A mantis is a fearsome insect that does not back down even if faced with a much larger predator. So it means someone full of pride making an idle threat.


huǒ chē Train
qì chē Car