huǒ fire

Made with 4 strokes.
A representation of a fire with flames shooting up. As a radical it is represented by four fire dots at the bottom.
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Different tone

huó (to live) huò (maybe)
Full character form of this simplified radical: huǒ


Index 86 used in: dēng (lamp) ; kǎo (to roast) ; miè (to extinguish) ; pào (cannon) ; qiú (autumn) ; zāi (disaster) ; zhà (to explode)

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stroke order for 火
Stroke order for character 火, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


抱薪救火 bào xīn jiù huǒ Not choosing an appropriate solution to a problem. Making matters worse
城门失火,殃及池鱼 chéng mén shī huó, yāng jí chí yú A drastic action may unintentionally affect other people. Show consideration for all
刀山火海 dāo shān huǒ hǎi An extremely difficult and dangerous situation
飞蛾投火 fēi é tóu huǒ Heading for self destruction
赴汤蹈火 fù tāng dǎo huǒ Showing great courage and valour
隔岸观火 gé àn guān huǒ Refusing to help others when it is needed


huǒ chē Train


萤火虫 yíng huǒ chóng glow worm
huǒ fire