dùn shield

Made up of [ eye radical 109, shí ten; 10 radical 24, chǎng cliff; factory; depot radical 27]
Made with 9 strokes.
A picture of a person holding a shield

Related characters

Also uses component: (virtue) jīng (eye) kàn (look) mào (to emit) miàn (face) pàn (to hope for) suàn (calculate) xiāng (each other) zhí (straight) (from)
Also uses shí component: bàn (half) (virtue) (ancient) huá (splendid) mài (sell) nán (south) (hops) shén (what) (noon) zài (to carry) zǎo (early) zhí (straight) zhī (to support)
Also uses chǎng component: àn (bank) (toilet) fǎn (contrary) hòu (behind) (strict) (to experience) yuán (former)

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自相矛盾 zì xiāng máo dùn To speak in contradictions. The story is about the man who said he had a spear that could pierce anything in the world, but also a shield that was impenetrable to any spear. Both claims could not be true