duō many

Made up of [ sunset; evening radical 36]
Used as component in : gòu
Made with 6 strokes.
The concept of 'many' is denoted by two duplicate character for 'evening' indicating many hard day's toil
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Related characters

Also uses component: jiāng (will) luó (gauze) míng (name) suì (year) wài (outside) (night)

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stroke order for 多
Stroke order for character 多, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


鄂尔多斯 Ordos, Inner Mongolia


交个朋友多条路,树个敌人多堵墙 jiāo gè péng you duō tiáo lù, shù gè dí rén duō dǔ qiáng It is better to make friends than enemies
能者多劳 néng zhě duō láo Busy people are busy because they are capable
少见多怪 shaǒ jiàn duō guài Unsettled by a new environment
夜长梦多 yè cháng mèng duō When in hard times it is foolish to merely dream of better things
多多益善 duō duō yì shàn Safety in numbers. Wanting to invite as many people as possible to improve chances of success
多行不义必自毙 duō xíng bù yì bì zì bì Turning to bad deeds will ultimately bring ruin. This is a form of Karma - divine justice will catch up with you one day


duō shǎo How much
nǐ yào duō shǎo píng pú táo jiǔ You want how many bottles of wine?