Made up of [ cǎo grass; herb radical 140, bāo wrap radical 20, yòng to use; to employ; to have to radical 101]
Made with 12 strokes.

Related characters

Also uses cǎo component: cài (vegetable) cǎo (grass) chá (tea) dǒng (to understand) huā (flower) jié (joint) (bitter) lán (blue) láo (to toil) mǎn (to fill) māo (cat) měng (Mongol) (do not) píng (apple) qián (front) ruò (to seem) (revive) táo (grapes) yào (medicine) (skill) yīng (flower) zàng (treasury) zhēng (to steam)
Also uses bāo component: bāo (to cover) gǒu (dog) (why) (sentence) sháo (spoon) táo (grapes) (do not)
Also uses yòng component: (store) tōng (open)

Different tone

(general) (store)

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pú táo jiǔ Wine