do not

Made up of [ bāo wrap radical 20, 丿 piě 'slash' radical 4]
Used as component in : ;
Made with 4 strokes.
An ancient pictogram denoting a flag or alternatively scraps cut off with a knife, link to meaning 'do not' has been lost
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Related characters

Also uses bāo component: bāo (to cover) gǒu (dog) (why) (sentence) (grape) sháo (spoon) táo (grapes)
Also uses 丿 piě component: (certainly) (younger brother) (at) jiǔ (long time) jiǔ (nine) (music) me (what) nǎi (to be) nián (year) shǎo (less) shēng (produce) shī (to lose) (fifth (ordinal)) (noon) (justice) zhī (him) (clan)

Sounds same

(fifth (ordinal)) (affair) (thing)

Different tone

(crow) (house) (not to have) (five) (noon) (martial)

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