younger brother; junior male

Made up of [ gōng bow radical 57, zhǔ dot radical 3, 丿 piě 'slash' radical 4]
Used as component in :
Made with 7 strokes.

Related characters

Also uses gōng component: (not) jiāng (border) qiáng (strong) (barbarians) zhāng ('of')
Also uses zhǔ component: bái (bright) bàn (half) bīng (ice) duì (to cash) (beautiful) liáng (good) lìng (to order) (store) sháo (spoon) shù (method) (revive) tài (too) wǎng (towards) wèi (do) (crow) (justice) yóu (outstanding) (jade) zhōu (prefecture) zhù (to live) zhǔ (owner) (from)
Also uses 丿 piě component: (certainly) (at) jiǔ (long time) jiǔ (nine) (music) me (what) nǎi (to be) nián (year) shǎo (less) shēng (produce) shī (to lose) (do not) (fifth (ordinal)) (noon) (justice) zhī (him) (clan)

Sounds same

(supreme ruler) (earth) (ordinal (1st,2nd))

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难兄难弟 nàn xiōng nàn dì Two brothers showing similar personalities. Two people hard to tell apart.