store; berth

Made up of [ jīn metal radical 167, yòng to use; to employ; to have to radical 101, gǔn line radical 2, zhǔ dot radical 3]
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 12 strokes.
The radical suggests 'gold' to store away, the second part is 'fu' which is the rough phonetic

Related characters

Also uses jīn component: guō (pot) qián (money) tiě (arms) (to bestow) yín (silver) zhōng (clock) zuān (to drill)
Also uses yòng component: (grape) tōng (open)
Also uses gǔn component: (husband) jiù (old) shū (book) wèi (not yet) xíng (permitted) yōu (distant) zhí (straight) zhōng (centre)
Also uses zhǔ component: bái (bright) bàn (half) bīng (ice) (younger brother) duì (to cash) (beautiful) liáng (good) lìng (to order) sháo (spoon) shù (method) (revive) tài (too) wǎng (towards) wèi (do) (crow) (justice) yóu (outstanding) (jade) zhōu (prefecture) zhù (to live) zhǔ (owner) (from)

Different tone

(grape) (general)

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