yín silver; silver-colored; relating to money or currency

Made up of [ jīn metal radical 167, gèn stubborn radical 138]
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 11 strokes.
Combines metal radical with character for 'hard' as it is harder than gold or copper

Related characters

Also uses jīn component: guō (pot) (store) qián (money) tiě (arms) (to bestow) zhōng (clock) zuān (to drill)
Also uses gèn component: gēn (heel) hěn (very) jiān (difficult) liáng (good)

Different tone

yīn (yin) yīn (sound) yǐn (to drink) yǐn ('long stride')

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银川 Yinchuan, Ningxia


此地无银三百两 cǐ dì wú yín sān bǎi liǎng Accidentally giving away the hidden truth in an explanation. The story is of a man who buried 300 pieces of stolen silver. Strangely he put up a sign on top of his horde to say that the 300 pieces were not buried there. Someone a little smarter dug up the cash and replaced the sign to say he had not dug up the silver buried there.