yǐn to drink

Made up of [ qiàn yawn; deficient radical 76, shí food; eat radical 184]
Made with 7 strokes.
Originally a combination of 'eat' and 'breath' suggesting drinking

Related characters

Also uses qiàn component: (next in sequence) (song) huān (merry) ruǎn (soft) (to wish for)
Also uses shí component: bǎo (to eat till full) fàn (food) guǎn (building) jiǎo (dumpling)

Sounds same

yǐn ('long stride')

Different tone

yīn (yin) yīn (sound) yín (silver)

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饮鸠止渴 yǐn jiū zhǐ kě To take reckless action regardless of the consequences
饮水思源 yǐn shuǐ sī yuán Do not forget the source of your good fortune (particularly your parents)