song; to sing

Made up of [ elder brother , qiàn yawn; deficient radical 76]
A measure word to use for this noun: shǒu
Made with 14 strokes.
Comprises the open mouth radical (or yawn) combined with 'ge' elder brother for phonetic

Related characters

Also uses qiàn component: (next in sequence) huān (merry) ruǎn (soft) yǐn (to drink) (to wish for)

Sounds same

(spear) (elder brother)

Different tone

(animal hide) ('of' (general)) (each)

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四面楚歌 sì miàn chǔ gē Ambushed from all sides. Hopeless situation. In the battle of Gaixia troops surrounding the enemy sang songs of home, breaking their spirit. From the classic Shi Ji from 2,200 years ago. After the end of the Qin dynasty the Han general used this tactic against of the Chu kingdom. The Chu songs persuaded the surrounded Chu forces that the Han must have overrun much of the Chu kingdom already