wǎng towards; past

Made up of [ chì step radical 60, wǎng monarch , zhǔ dot radical 3]
Made with 8 strokes.
The king/monarch right part provides phonetic and 'step' idea of motion

Related characters

Also uses chì component: (get) (virtue) hěn (very) huī (emblem) xíng (permitted) zhēng (journey)
Also uses wǎng component: huáng (emperor) (jade)
Also uses zhǔ component: bái (bright) bàn (half) bīng (ice) (younger brother) duì (to cash) (beautiful) liáng (good) lìng (to order) (store) sháo (spoon) shù (method) (revive) tài (too) wèi (do) (crow) (justice) yóu (outstanding) (jade) zhōu (prefecture) zhù (to live) zhǔ (owner) (from)

Sounds same

wǎng (monarch) wǎng (net) wǎng (net)

Different tone

wāng (lame) wáng (to die) wàng (to forget) wàng (absurd)

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人往高处走,水往低处流 rén wǎng gāo chù zǒu, shuǐ wǎng dī chù liú There is always room for improvement
既往不咎 jì wǎng bù jiù What is done is done. It is pointless to live a life of regret for things that can't be changed.
一夜十往 yī yè shí wǎng Showing great care and concern. The story comes from the Han dynasty when an official checked the state of a sick relative ten times during the night.