wàng to forget; to overlook; to neglect

Made up of [ wáng to die; to lose; to flee , xīn heart radical 61]
Made with 7 strokes.
Wang (die) provides phonetic and 'heart' suggests an emotion

Related characters

Also uses wáng component: máng (busy)
Also uses xīn component: (certainly) cōng (quick at hearing) (virtue) dìng (how) è (evil) niàn (to read) nín (you (polite)) (to think) xiǎng (to think) (idea) yuàn (to hope) zhì (aspiration)

Sounds same

wàng (absurd)

Different tone

wāng (lame) wáng (to die) wǎng (monarch) wǎng (net) wǎng (net) wǎng (towards)

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得鱼忘筌 dé yú wàng quán Ungrateful behavior, ignoring help given to make things possible
废寝忘食 fèi qǐn wàng shí To be engrossed in work and study
念念不忘 niàn niàn bù wàng Study hard. Keep thinking about a problem
忘恩负义 wàng ēn fù yì Ungratefully forget to acknowledge a favor.
我看见我忘记,我听见我记住,我做我了解 wǒ kàn jiàn wǒ wàng jì, wǒ tīng jiàn wǒ jì zhù, wǒ zuò wǒ liǎo jiě You learn only by trying it, not by just observing or talking about it
徙宅忘妻 xǐ zhái wàng qī Foolish and forgetful. Move to a new house and take everything - except your partner.