niàn to read; to read aloud; idea

Made up of [ jīn modern; now; today , xīn heart radical 61]
Made with 8 strokes.
Combines 'heart' and 'now' elements suggesting possibly bringing past to life by reading or reciting

Related characters

Also uses xīn component: (certainly) cōng (quick at hearing) (virtue) dìng (how) è (evil) nín (you (polite)) (to think) wàng (to forget) xiǎng (to think) (idea) yuàn (to hope) zhì (aspiration)

Sounds same

廿 niàn (twenty)

Different tone

nián (year)

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李先念 Li Xiannian


念念不忘 niàn niàn bù wàng Study hard. Keep thinking about a problem