yuàn to hope; to wish; to desire

Made up of [ yuán former; original; level; meadow; primary , xīn heart radical 61]
Alternative traditional form of character:


'Yuan' provides phonetic, the 'heart' component gives idea of yearning
Number of strokes: 14

Related characters

Also uses xīn component: bì (certainly) cōng (quick at hearing) dé (virtue) dìng (how) è (evil) niàn (to read) nín (you (polite)) sī (to think) wàng (to forget) xiǎng (to think) yì (idea) zhì (aspiration)

Sounds same

yuàn (courtyard)

Different tone

yuán (primary) yuán (former) yuán (park) yuán (person) yuǎn (far)

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心甘情愿 xīn gān qíng yuàn Delighted to be able to help

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