yuán former; original; level; meadow; primary

Made up of [ chǎng cliff; factory; depot radical 27, quán spring; wealth ]
Used as component in : yuàn
Made with 10 strokes.
Picture of a spring under a cliff suggesting an 'origin' and also meaning as a 'meadow'

Related characters

Also uses chǎng component: àn (bank) (toilet) dùn (shield) fǎn (contrary) hòu (behind) (strict) (to experience)

Sounds same

yuán (primary) yuán (park) yuán (person)

Different tone

yuǎn (far) yuàn (courtyard) yuàn (to hope)

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太原 Taiyuan, Shanxi


屈原 Qu Yuan


星星之火可以燎原 xīng xīng zhī huǒ kě yǐ liáo yuán Need for great care and meticulous planning