quán spring; wealth

Made up of [ shuǐ water radical 85, bái bright; clear; white radical 106]
Used as component in : yuán
Made with 9 strokes.
Combination of 'bright' and 'water' clearly suggest 'fresh water' from a spring

Related characters

Also uses shuǐ component: bīng (ice) qiú (to seek) yǒng (perpetual)
Also uses bái component: bǎi (hundred) de (of) huáng (emperor) (to be afraid)

Sounds same

quán (all)

Different tone

quǎn (dog) quǎn (dog)

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泉州 Quanzhou, Fujian
阳泉 Yangquan, Shanxi
酒泉 Jiuquan, Gansu