è evil; fierce; vicious

Made up of [ xīn heart radical 61, èr two; 2 radical 7]
Made with 10 strokes.
Representation of ugliness over heart hence evil - ugly heart

Related characters

Also uses xīn component: (certainly) cōng (quick at hearing) (virtue) dìng (how) niàn (to read) nín (you (polite)) (to think) wàng (to forget) xiǎng (to think) (idea) yuàn (to hope) zhì (aspiration)
Also uses èr component: rén (humane) xiē (some) yuán (primary) yún (cloud)

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恶贯满盈 è guàn mǎn yíng Evil is all around. Traditionally coins had holes in them and they were strung together.
恶人先告状 è rén xiān gàozhuàng The perpetrator diverts attention by being the first to complain
人恶人怕天不怕,人善人欺天不欺 rén è rén pà tiān bù pà, rén shàn rén qī tiān bù qī Even though evil works may go unpunished on earth, good works do not go unnoticed in heaven. Reward for good may not be immediately received.
嫉恶如仇 jí è rú chóu Determined to confront evil. Not letting evil people or things continue.