earth; ground; field

Made up of [ earth; soil radical 32, also; and ]
Similar looking characters : (it)
Made with 6 strokes.
Uses earth radical for dust with 'ye' - originally a representations of female genitals or a drinking horn combined with 'dust' to give idea of soil giving birth to life.
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Related characters

Also uses component: cháng (threshing floor) chéng (city) guī (jade tablet) guī (jade tablet) hēi (black) jiāng (border) kuài (piece) (inside) líng (mound) (go) sàng (to lose) shèng (holy) (Buddhist temple) zài (exist) zhì (to arrive) zhōu (circuit) zǒu (walk) zuò (seat) zuò (sit)
Also uses component: shī (to grant) (he) (she)

Sounds same

(supreme ruler) (younger brother) (ordinal (1st,2nd))

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stroke order for 地
Stroke order for character 地, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


冰天雪地 bīng tiān xuě dì Encountering adverse conditions
强龙难压地头蛇 qiáng lóng nán yā dì tóu shé Knowledge of local area and people gives them a distinct advantage even against a strong enemy
天南地北 tiān nán dì běi Places or opinions that are very far apart
一败涂地 yī bài tú dì Defeat so total bodies will litter the ground. Beaten and in a hopeless situation. Suggest the enemy is in such a rage that no mercy will be shown.
开天辟地 kāi tiān pì dì The beginning of a great task. In one creation myth Pangu set about his momentous work by first separating heaven (yang) from earth (yin). An epic undertaking
立锥之地 lì zhuī zhī dì A very small piece of property. Often said of someone who has fallen on hard times and has only a very small place to live or just to describe a very small space.


地狱 dì yù hell