zhì to arrive; most; to

Made up of [ private; secret; selfish radical 28, earth; soil radical 32]
Made with 6 strokes.
The mirror image of 'bu: no'; it represents a bird or arrow flying downwards to earth and so giving the idea of 'arrival' from above.
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Related characters

Also uses component: gōng (public) me (what) néng (to be able to) (go) tái (typhoon) xióng (male) yún (cloud)
Also uses component: cháng (threshing floor) chéng (city) (earth) guī (jade tablet) guī (jade tablet) hēi (black) jiāng (border) kuài (piece) (inside) líng (mound) (go) sàng (to lose) shèng (holy) (Buddhist temple) zài (exist) zhōu (circuit) zǒu (walk) zuò (seat) zuò (sit)

Sounds same

zhì (aspiration) zhì (to rule) zhì (to send) zhì (to install)

Different tone

zhī (one) zhī (him) zhī (to know) zhī (to support) zhī (branch) zhí (straight) zhí (value) zhí (to plant) zhǐ (paper) zhǐ (to stop) zhǐ (walk slowly)


Index 133 used in: dào (arrive) ; shì (room) ; (house) ; zhì (to send)

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stroke order for 至
Stroke order for character 至, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


福无重至,祸不单行 fú wú chóng zhì, huò bú dān xíng Bad fortune is more frequent than good
宾至如归 bīn zhì rú guī Warmly welcoming guests to your home. Guests treated as part of the family.
至死不悟 zhì sǐ bù wù Stubbornly holding to views. Obstinate and set in ways.


冬至 Dōngzhì Dongzhi Festival