zhì to install; to place; to put

Made up of [ wǎng net radical 122, zhí straight; to straighten; fair and reasonable ]
Made with 13 strokes.
Zhi (straight) is the phonetic underneath the 'net' radical, can be remembered as straightening out nets

Related characters

Also uses wǎng component: luó (gauze) shǔ (office)
Also uses zhí component: zhēn (really) zhí (value) zhí (to plant)

Sounds same

zhì (aspiration) zhì (to arrive) zhì (to rule) zhì (to send)

Different tone

zhī (one) zhī (him) zhī (to know) zhī (to support) zhī (branch) zhí (straight) zhí (value) zhí (to plant) zhǐ (paper) zhǐ (to stop) zhǐ (walk slowly)

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推心置腹 tuī xīn zhì fù Put give someone your full support - body and soul. To trust someone implicitly.