xióng male; stamina; grand

Made up of [ private; secret; selfish radical 28, zhuī short-tailed bird; dove radical 172]
Made with 9 strokes.

Related characters

Also uses component: gōng (public) me (what) néng (to be able to) (go) tái (typhoon) yún (cloud) zhì (to arrive)
Also uses zhuī component: nán (difficult) shéi (who) tuī (to push) wéi (to preserve)

Different tone

xiōng (elder brother) xiōng (vicious)

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事实胜于雄辩 shì shí shèng yú xióng biàn Better to act than just talk about it
英雄无用武之地 yīng xióng wú yòng wǔ zhī dì A situation where someone's undoubted talents can not be utilized.