house; room

Made up of [ shī corpse radical 44, zhì to arrive; most; to radical 133]
Made with 9 strokes.
The 'corpse' element suggests lying down, the door radical suggests a house so combines to give idea of a place of rest

Related characters

Also uses shī component: (office) (to reside) ne (and you?) wěi (tail)
Also uses zhì component: dào (arrive) shì (room) zhì (to send)

Sounds same


Different tone

(not to have) (five) (noon) (martial) (do not) (fifth (ordinal)) (affair) (thing)

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爱屋及乌 ài wū jí wū In love with everything in the world
高屋建瓴 gāo wū jiàn líng Being in a good position to repel attackers. Holding a commanding position
屋漏偏逢连夜雨 wū lòu piān féng lián yè yǔ Misfortunes tend to come all at once