to reside; to store up; to be at a standstill; a family name

Made up of [ shī corpse radical 44, ancient ]
Made with 8 strokes.
The 'corpse' radical gives idea of sleeping/residing rather than death. 'Gu' (ancient) hints at phonetic

Related characters

Also uses shī component: (office) ne (and you?) wěi (tail) (house)
Also uses component: (happening) (hard) (paternal aunt) (estimate) (lake) (beard) (to be able to) (bitter)

Different tone

(tangerine) (office) (sentence) (drama)

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白居易 Bai Juyi


安居乐业 ān jū lè yè Wishing you well in a new home
奇货可居 qí huò kě jū Something that people pay good money for in future. A market opportunity.
后来居上 hòu lái jū shàng A new arrival outperforms everyone present. A youngster outstrips the older generation