happening; instance; reason

Made up of [ suī rap radical 66, ancient ]
Used as component in : zuò
Made with 9 strokes.
Gu (ancient) provides the sound, the 'rap' radical suggests a sudden interruption - a knock at the door?

Related characters

Also uses suī component: fàng (let go) huī (emblem) jiào (religion) jiāo (to teach) sàn (to scatter) xiào (effect) yōu (distant) zhì (to send)
Also uses component: (hard) (paternal aunt) (estimate) (lake) (beard) (to reside) (to be able to) (bitter)

Sounds same


Different tone

(paternal aunt) (estimate) (ancient) (valley)

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明知故问 míng zhī gù wèn To ask a question when already knowing the answer
温故而知新 wēn gù ér zhī xīn Studying the past helps to understand the present
世上没有无缘无故的爱,也没有无缘无故的恨 shì shàng méi yǒu wú yuán wú gù de ài, yě méi yǒu wú yuán wú gù de hèn There is a reason behind all strong emotions