sàn to scatter; to disperse; to disseminate

Made up of [ yuè moon; month radical 74, suī rap radical 66]
Made with 12 strokes.

Related characters

Also uses yuè component: dǎn (the gall) (clothes) gān (liver) (lake) (beard) jiāo (to glue) míng (bright) néng (to be able to) péng (friend) péng (friend) (phase) qián (front) qīng (green) shèng (victory) suí (Sui) yīn (yin) yǒu (have) zhāo (dynasty)
Also uses suī component: fàng (let go) (happening) huī (emblem) jiào (religion) jiāo (to teach) xiào (effect) yōu (distant) zhì (to send)

Different tone

sān (three)

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妻离子散 qī lí zǐ sàn A broken family
树倒猢狲散 shù daǒ hú sūn sàn When a leader loses power, his followers are disorganized and also lose power. Often said to warn someone that they hold their position only so long as their patron is in power
天下没有不散的宴席 tiān xià méi yǒu bù sàn de yàn xí Good fortune can not last for ever
云消雾散 yún xiāo wù sàn All becomes clear again. Troubles are over
如鸟兽散 rú niǎo shòu sàn To flee in all directions. Trying to escape from catastrophe - often used to describe fleeing from danger.