xiào effect; efficacy; to imitate

Made up of [ jiāo to hand over; to deliver; to turn over , suī rap radical 66]
Made with 10 strokes.
Jiao - the left part provides the rough phonetic, the 'rap' part suggests an action

Related characters

Also uses jiāo component: jiào (comparatively) jiǎo (dumpling) jiāo (suburbs) jiāo (to glue) xiào (school) yǎo (to bite)
Also uses suī component: fàng (let go) (happening) huī (emblem) jiào (religion) jiāo (to teach) sàn (to scatter) yōu (distant) zhì (to send)

Sounds same

xiào (smile) xiào (filial piety or obedience) xiào (school)

Different tone

xiǎo (small)

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东施效颦 dōng shī xiaò pín The story is of Dong Shi, an ugly person imitating the posture of famous beautiful woman Xi Shi by knitting his eyebrows