tangerine; orange

Made up of [ wood; wooden radical 75, lucky; propitious ]
Made with 10 strokes.
Alternative shortened form for tangerine, wood radical with 'ji' as rough phonetic

Related characters

Also uses component: bǎn (board) bēi (cup) běn (root) cài (vegetable) cǎi (color) chá (tea) chái (firewood) chuáng (bed) gān (pole) guǒ (fruit) (machine) jìn (to prohibit) jìn (to prohibit) (of plants) lái (arrive) (plum) (pear) lín (forest) lóu (multi-story building) (board game) qín (Qin) qīn (parent) róu (soft) shā (to kill) shù (tree) shù (method) song (Song) tiáo (strip) wèi (not yet) xián (to stay idle) xiāng (each other) xiào (school) (chair) zhí (to plant) zhī (branch) zhuō (table)
Also uses component: jié (knot) (to be fond of)

Sounds same


Different tone

(to reside) (sentence) (drama)

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桔化为枳 jú huà wèi zhǐ People change according to their environment. According to a story orange trees gave different types of fruit depending on whether they were planted north or south of a river.