lóu multi-story building; storied building; floor

Made up of [ wood; wooden radical 75, rice radical 119, female; woman radical 38]
A measure word to use for this noun: zuò
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 13 strokes.
Originally refered to part of palace where women lived now simplified to 'rice' suggesting woman in a kitchen with a house made of wood

Related characters

Also uses component: bǎn (board) bēi (cup) běn (root) cài (vegetable) cǎi (color) chá (tea) chái (firewood) chuáng (bed) gān (pole) guǒ (fruit) (machine) jìn (to prohibit) jìn (to prohibit) (tangerine) (of plants) lái (arrive) (plum) (pear) lín (forest) (board game) qín (Qin) qīn (parent) róu (soft) shā (to kill) shù (tree) shù (method) song (Song) tiáo (strip) wèi (not yet) xián (to stay idle) xiāng (each other) xiào (school) (chair) zhí (to plant) zhī (branch) zhuō (table)
Also uses component: jīng (refined) (to bewilder) (riddle) táng (sugar) zhān (to glue)
Also uses component: ǎi (low) ān (peace) (woman) (paternal aunt) hǎo (good) hūn (to marry) jiě (elder sister) (mother) mèi (younger sister) nǎi (milk) (as) shǐ (to begin) (she) wàng (absurd) xìng (surname) yào (want)

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山雨欲来风满楼 shān yǚ yù lái fēng mǎn lóu A premonition of something significant about to happen
空中楼阁 kōng zhōng lóu gé A fanciful and impossible scheme. An impractical idea with a streak of vanity.
近水楼台先得月 jìn shuǐ lóu tái xiān dé yuè An allusion to the wisdom of having friends in high circles that often results in benefits.