female; woman

Similar looking characters : wén (script)
Made with 3 strokes.
Based on a simplified drawing of a kneeling woman. It gives female gender to many relations such as sister, grandmother.
Ancient small seal form Small seal


Index 38 used in: ǎi (low) ; ān (peace) ; (woman) ; (paternal aunt) ; hǎo (good) ; hūn (to marry) ; jiě (elder sister) ; lóu (multi-story building) ; (mother) ; mèi (younger sister) ; nǎi (milk) ; (as) ; shǐ (to begin) ; (she) ; wàng (absurd) ; xìng (surname) ; yào (want)

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stroke order for 女
Stroke order for character 女, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


男女平等 nán nǔ píng děng Treating men and women the same