jīng refined; semen

Made up of [ rice radical 119, qīng green; blue radical 174]
Made with 14 strokes.
Combines 'rice' and phonetic 'qing' with concept that starch from rice resembles semen which is considered the divine essence

Related characters

Also uses component: lóu (multi-story building) (to bewilder) (riddle) táng (sugar) zhān (to glue)
Also uses qīng component: jīng (eye) qǐng (please) qíng (affection) qíng (clear sky) qīng (clear)

Sounds same

jīng (capital) jīng (Classic) jīng (to start) jīng (eye)

Different tone

jǐng jǐng (well) jǐng (bright)

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精卫填海 jīng wèi tián hǎi Even the mythical bird Jing Wei will be unable to fill the oceans with pebbles. Facing a Herculean task. Determined against impossible odds. The story is of Jing Wei who was the daughter of Emperor Yan. A great typhoon came and killed her and she was then transformed into a bird. In revenge for her early death she determined to fill up the ocean by filling it with pebbles one by one.