qǐng please; permit; to ask

Made up of [ yán words radical 149, qīng green; blue radical 174]
Similar looking characters : qíng (clear sky)
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 10 strokes.
The 'words' radical suggests it is a speech concept, 'qing' - green is the phonetic

Related characters

Also uses yán component: dàn (birth) 访 fǎng (to visit) huà (speech) (to record) (riddle) shéi (who) shī (poem) shuō (to speak) (to complain) xiè (thanks) (language)
Also uses qīng component: jīng (refined) jīng (eye) qíng (affection) qíng (clear sky) qīng (clear)

Different tone

qīng (green) qīng (clear) qíng (affection) qíng (clear sky) qìng (celebrate)

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stroke order for 请
Stroke order for character 请, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


负荆请罪 fù jīng qǐng zuì Admit a fault and offer an apology. The story is from the Zhou dynasty when Lin Xiangru of the Zhao kingdom had an adversity in Lian Po. Lian Po used every opportunity to dis his boss Lin Xiangru. Lian Po was then shown that solidarity was key to the state's survival and offered a humble apology. Lian Po carried brambles on his back for some distance to show his contrition
请君入瓮 qǐng jūn rù wèng To fall victim to a punishment that you yourself devised. The story is from the reign of Empress Wu Zetian when two cruel ministers vied to create the vilest tortures. Zhou Ying suggested a large vat should be heated and the victim placed in it. His fellow minister threatened Zhou Ying with his own torture. Zhou then rapidly confessed to all his crimes!


qǐng wèn nǐ jiào shén me What is your name?
qǐng zuò Please sit down
qǐng gěi wǒ mén xiē jiǎo zǐ Please bring us some dumplings
qǐng gěi wǒ yī shuāng kuài zǐ Please bring me a pair of chopsticks