road; journey; route

Made up of [ foot; to be sufficient; ample radical 157, each; every ]
Used as component in :
A measure word to use for this noun: tiáo
Made with 13 strokes.
The foot radical gives clue about walking and the other part is 'every'; 'all' and so it is a 'common footpath' or road

Related characters

Also uses component: gēn (heel) (to run)
Also uses component: (customer)

Sounds same

绿 (green) (trip) (dew)

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路桥 Luqiao, Zhejiang


不怕路长只怕志短 bù pà lù cháng zhǐ pà zhì duǎn Do not be afraid of a long road to success only be afraid of a shortage of ambition
穿新鞋,走老路 chuān xīn xié, zǒu lǎo lù Stick to the old ways while appearing to follow the latest trends
读万卷书不如行万里路 dú wàn juǎn shū bù rú xíng wàn lǐ lù Learn from practical experience not from books
交个朋友多条路,树个敌人多堵墙 jiāo gè péng you duō tiáo lù, shù gè dí rén duō dǔ qiáng It is better to make friends than enemies
山不转路转 shān bù zhuǎn lù zhuǎn It is not necessary to continue in the same direction, there are other alternatives to avoid an obstacle
两条腿走路 liǎng tiáo tuǐ zǒu lù When alternative methods are needed not just one