martial; military

Made up of [ zhǐ to stop; to prohibit; until; footprint radical 77, spear radical 62]
Made with 8 strokes.
Contains 'spear' and 'foot' suggesting a soldier and hence somthing military. 'Foot' may however be read as 'stop' with the concept of military interceding to 'stop' violence
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Related characters

Also uses zhǐ component: (a step) 齿 chǐ (tooth) (this) dìng (to set) zhèng (correct) zǒu (walk) (foot)
Also uses component: chéng (to succeed) dài (to respect) huò (maybe) jiān (narrow) (I (me)) (fifth (ordinal)) zài (to carry) zàng (treasury) zhàn (to fight) zhǎo (to try to find)

Sounds same

(five) (noon)

Different tone

(crow) (house) (not to have) (do not) (fifth (ordinal)) (affair) (thing)

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武汉 Wuhan, Hubei
武夷山 Wuyishan, Fujian
武威 Wuwei, Gansu


洪武帝 Emperor Hongwu
孙武 Sun Wu


英雄无用武之地 yīng xióng wú yòng wǔ zhī dì A situation where someone's undoubted talents can not be utilized.